Truck Crash in Greenville: Wide Turn Crash Liability

Trucks are everywhere and contribute to the worldwide commerce system. A truck crash in Greenville could be disastrous in more ways than one. Without them, goods would not reach stores, and people would not obtain the items they need for daily life. Trucks also bring materials to job sites, remove materials from homes and businesses, and assist with a wide range of services. Because of their essential function and size, there have been several laws, rules, and guidelines to protect the public who regularly use roadways.

Wide-turn truck crashes in Greenville, SC are often the result of driver negligence. However, there are situations where the liability could be shared by a third party. In this article, we will explain to you more about how wide-turn truck crashes happen, including who may be accountable for your injuries and other damages.

Who is Responsible for a Truck Crash in Greenville, SC?

Often, the truck driver may be negligent in a wide-turn accident, especially if they did not take all reasonable precautions needed to execute a wide-turn. Some factors that can often lead to a wide-turn truck crash in Greenville, SC include:

  • Swinging out too far into the left lane and colliding head-on with oncoming traffic
  • Failing to properly check for traffic and pedestrians before turning
  • Turning from a wrong lane
  • Inability to reduce blind spot areas by not adjusting the mirrors properly
  • Failing to use an indicator to alert other drivers prior to turning
  • Executing the turn too quickly caused the truck to roll over and collide with another vehicle
  • Driving under the influence or any form of impairment

If someone you know or you have been hurt because of unsecured cargo loads, you must know that you have legal rights, and you may be able to bring forth a lawsuit to hold those answerable for your injuries accountable. You should not delay seeking support from a personal injury attorney specializing in motor vehicle accidents. These professionals can help you obtain compensation for past, present, and future medical expenses, quality of life, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

The Triple-A Foundation for Traffic Safety found in 2004 that approximately twenty-five thousand motor vehicle accidents result each year because of cargo that is not adequately secured on highway systems. There are strict restrictions on the total amount of weight trucks can carry on highways due to federal laws that are in place. Any truck that exceeds these limits is deemed overweight or overloaded and violates federal law because they take longer to stop and usually are harder to control.

Determining Liability:

Cases involving unsecured truckloads can be complex because determining liability can be tricky. Since the truck driver has a specific duty of care to inspect the load before making a trip; nevertheless, the trucking company is required by federal laws and regulations to ensure cargo is secured correctly for the driver. The shipper who arranges the load also must tie down and load the cargo properly. For these possible reasons, it is not recommended that you attempt to file a claim on your own, as you may oversee a responsible party or not pursue the proper party.

Personal injury attorneys thoroughly investigate all cases which involve unsecured cargo loads and determine the persons involved who can be held liable for any form of damages. They also take great steps to collect and protect all pertinent evidence. This type of investigation is essential to guarantee those injured receive all monetary compensation they are entitled to.

You should not postpone the search of a personal injury attorney following an accident involving an unsecured cargo load. Time is of the essence, as proofs need to be collected, witnesses need to be interviewed, and legal paperwork must be filed promptly.

Most personal injury attorneys work on an eventuality basis, which means you do not have to pay to proceed with your case, and you pay nothing until the time your case settles. When faced with the anxiety and stress that comes from being injured because of someone else’s negligence, this one detail can provide a great deal of comfort and relief.

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If you have lost a loved one because of an unsecured cargo load, it may be possible to file a wrongful death claim as well. If you have been injured because of a wide-turn truck crash in Greenville, SC, it is not possible to reverse the harm done, but you can take action to protect yourself. Taking legal action may also help prevent future similar acts, which can save others from going through the same harm you experienced. This type of negligence can be and should always be avoided.

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