South Carolina Personal Injury Case: Can I Sue a City?

Have you ever thought of a South Carolina personal injury case? Well, such cases are not as easy as you think. They can be complicated at times because there are several points that you need to understand before the claim.

Let’s assume that you are going in the right direction while driving through a one-way road. All of a sudden a police jeep bumps into you coming from the wrong way. The jeep caused your car to be wrecked from the front, you get injured and you experience internal injuries as well. Later you find out that the police jeep had drunk passengers, a driver, and they were at double fault; you were the victim in the whole scenario.

Things look clear but you are confused about filing a case against the government institute; can you file a case against the police? Let’s assume another situation where you are walking on a footpath close to your nearby mart. You are walking on your way without disturbing anyone and suddenly a police officer bumps into you causing your injuries and your loss of the shopping bags. Do you think it is legal to file a case against such institutions?

We know it can get complicated when you want to decide whether to go for legal action or not because after all the defendant is the authority. Sometimes, people get confused when they have to decide whether to go for the South Carolina personal injury claim when the injury is caused by some doctor, some physician, or some other services provider by the government.

At times people have had to experience bad accidents, severe car crashes, and intense personal injuries because of the distorted and uneven road structure. The road authorities are to be blamed in such cases but people usually do not get courageous enough to stand against the government. But awareness is very important, people should know when to stand for their rights and how can they approach the right people for the sake of their basic stance.

According to Reuters, a legal news channel’s website, the U.S. government widens the range and reach of people to openly police officers if they are to be blamed for some wrong actions. The page includes a whole article regarding this; it includes proper details on how they can reach the government, and the police stations are bound to work for their rights even if they have to stand against their department.

Let’s dig into the details of each situation where you can file a South Carolina personal injury case against the government of the city or you can take a step to sue the authority if you are entirely innocent and the real victim.

What if the South Carolina Personal Injury Case is Because of the Car Accident?

Such cases are common where government drivers get under the shade because of excessive rash driving. Following situations are common where people can sue against the authority;

  • Unconscious driving by the driver
  • Uneven road and reckless driving
  • Alcoholic consumption by the government driver
  • Not following the traffic rules and safety measures
  • Deliberately trying to overtake the victim

In all of these situations, the drivers are to be blamed because they are disturbing the whole decorum of road ethics. This is how you can judge on your knowledge whether to go for the legal action or not.

Can You Go for Legal Claims When You Are Injured Because of a Train or Bus Accident?

Yes! Even when you are injured because of a bus or a train, you can still file a case against the government. But there are certain terms and conditions for this.

  • The defendant is the one to be blamed
  • The plaintiff, meaning you, are right by every means
  • There are clear pieces of evidence for the accident claim
  • The defendant is to be blamed because of the technical issues in the vehicle

All of these situations are applicable for legal action. Train and bus accidents can be very intense sometimes and this is the reason why people get so involved in legal matters. Even when the plaintiff is not in the position to file against the driver, some government departments reach out to them to help with the case.

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For your South Carolina personal injury case, you need to ensure that you have all the legal requirements like notices according to the criteria and all the evidence. You can also contact us for professional help because we aim to excel in our services.

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