Personal Injury Claims: Dangers of Social Media

We all are well aware of the importance of the use of social media. It allows people to stay connected with each other all the time. They get constant updates, they see stories, statuses, and posts.

According to an internationally recognized German statistical data collection official website, Statista, from 2008 to 2021, around 82% of the population of the United States had a social networking profile. This shows how popular social media has been during the past years.

But have you ever thought that social media can cost you a lot? How? Well, it can harm your chances of success in a Greenville personal injury claim. As personal injury lawyers, we represent clients who have been harmed by the careless actions of others.

You have to understand that your posts, stories, or statuses might cause trouble for you. The major reason we discourage posting on social media while claiming for a personal injury is that people can easily judge you. They can have different scenarios in their minds regarding your wellbeing and think you are lying about the accident.

In this article, we help you understand the reasons to avoid posts and interactions on social media when you’re involved in a personal injury claim.

Wrong Impressions:

People get an impression of your life by looking at your social media posts. If you appear happy and don’t seem to be in pain based on pictures and status updates, people could assume you aren’t severely injured. They might even think that you are completely fine and are faking the injury to get money through your Greenville personal injury claim.

In reality, that isn’t true. But social media platforms allow your friends, friends of friends, or anyone to form a wrong impression that could hurt your case.

Contractions That Can Hurt Your Case:

If you post about your injury, you may say something that could be taken as contracting your version of events.  Insurance companies often look at social media accounts to see if someone’s posts or timeline don’t match what the person says about how or when the injury happened. They may use this to try to deny your claim.

You should tell friends and family about your accident directly instead of posting on social media.

Get Help With Your Greenville Personal Injury Claim:

If you get involved in such a personal injury case, you have to mentally prepare yourself that you will be under strict observation. The defendant, the defendant’s lawyer, and the insurance company will keep on looking for the loopholes from your side.

If you post something on your social media account while claiming for personal injury, the other party might see it, even if you set your account to private. The other side might use those posts, pictures, stories, and active statuses later to prove that you were lying about the incident and you were doing well since you were active on social platforms.

We understand the complications of a Greenville personal injury claim. You should reach out to our experienced attorneys for help today.

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