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In South Carolina, parents have a legal responsibility to safeguard and support their child(ren). When parents separate or get divorced, that obligation doesn’t just vanish. Child support cases are complicated given how an innocent child is involved. This is why you need to get the legal knowledge of family law attorneys to handle your child support case.

At Hernandez & Cabra, our Greenville child support lawyers know how difficult it is to raise a child, especially when it comes to the financial aspects needed to back their livelihoods and safeguard their best interests. Regardless of the reasons surrounding the separation, a child will need to be provided with the necessary resources and the right environment that guarantee a safe and healthy upbringing.

During and after the separation, the child’s healthcare, extracurricular activities, education, and general financial security will still need to be catered for. Our child support attorneys in Greenville, South Carolina will assertively fight for your rights to ensure that a favorable financial solution has been achieved. Call us today at 864-501-4384 and have your case reviewed!

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What is Child Support?

Child support can be defined as a monetary payment made by one parent to the custodial parent (spends most of the time with the child) every month to cater for the child’s maintenance and upbringing. Other than covering for the basic needs of the child such as food and clothing, child support also includes financial support for childcare, medical bills, educational fees, travel and transportation, entertainment, and so on.

In the agreement, the expenditures must be well-defined so that both parents are aware of where the money is being allocated. If you and your partner are separating or divorcing, determining child support is integral in providing stability in the child’s life. What’s more, it also assists in keeping both parents involved. The paying parent doesn’t have to see paying child support as a form of punishment, nor does the parent receiving the payments take it as a free meal ticket. The financial support can help provide the child with a good start, which can make all the difference in the future.

How is Child Support Determined in South Carolina?

Establishing child support for both parents is not a straightforward process since these payments will be contingent on the terms in your child custody agreement.

When parents with minors decide to separate, child custody outlining the parenting plan moving forward is established. Although it’s a possibility for both parents to get 50/50 custody of their child, this is hardly what occurs. One parent is typically chosen as the primary caregiver (custodial parent) with the non-custodial parent getting to spend time with their child(ren) on certain days or during the weekends.

Once those particulars are established, our family law attorneys at Hernandez & Cabra will focus their attention on your specific child support needs.

Since these agreements aren’t always the same, one parent may be required to pay more to cater to the needs of the child or one parent may require help catering for the child’s everyday necessities. All in all, financial security is an integral aspect when it comes to bringing up a child, which is why we push persistently to make sure the child support allotment fits your financial and household dynamics.

Factors that determine how much child support will be paid in South Carolina include:

  • Both parents’ gross income
  • Needs of the child(ren) like healthcare insurance, education, and other special needs
  • The ability of the non-custodial parent to make payments
  • The child’s living standards prior to the separation or divorce

The South Carolina Department of Social Services provides a standard formula that’s used to compute child support payments. The child support calculator gives a rough estimation of the amount you can expect to pay or the amount you stand to receive. Regardless, you should consult with a skilled child support attorney in Greenville to ascertain that every aspect of your monetary payments is defined correctly.

The law offices of Hernandez & Cabra would like to emphasize that the amounts provided by the child support calculator aren’t conclusive because South Carolina’s family courts reserve the right to modify the child support payments based on facts presented for every case.

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What if My Financial Circumstances Change?

Child support court orders are enforceable by law. This means that the non-custodial parent must make monetary payments to cater for the child’s provisions and healthcare every month. If the payer doesn’t fulfill their financial obligation, the court can compel the parent to make the payments by subtracting wages for child support or withholding the amount payable to the parent.

However, there may come a time when your financial circumstances change and you are incapable of fulfilling that child support obligation stipulated in the arrangement. In this case, you can make a request to the court to modify the agreement.

The court is aware and acknowledges that circumstances in life can change which is why they can allow you to file a modification order and change the existing order. Some of the circumstances a family court may consider your request to modify the existing child support arrangement include:

  • Job loss
  • Changes in earnings where the payer is making considerably less
  • Changes in the needs of the child, including disability and medicare
  • When the payer suffers a disability, injury, or medical condition
  • Remarriage that effectively ends alimony

If there has been a significant change in your financial situation, it’s integral that you consult with our Greenville child support attorneys to ascertain that you are disbursing or receiving a fair child support payment. We will do a deep delve into the financial stability of both parents and compute the amount your child(ren) needs in order to establish the amount payable. What’s more, if there has been a substantial alteration to your financial situation, we will help you file an order of modification.

How Do I Find the Best Child Support Lawyer for My Case?

As with other states, family law cases are really sensitive and can get very complicated. If you live in Greenville, South Carolina, and find yourself facing this sort of scenario whereby child support needs to be determined or revised, you should consult with professional child support attorneys to get sound legal advice. So, how do I choose the best child support attorney for my case?

Finding the right child support attorney to represent you in your child support case is no easy undertaking. The best way of locating a trustworthy child support lawyer is by getting suggestions from your family and/or friends. Additionally, you can inquiry from court clerks or ask other parents who currently or previously had child support cases settled in court.

Before you enlist a particular lawyer or firm, it’s integral that you interview them to get a sense of what to expect. Here are some interview areas to use as a benchmark:

Experience in Similar Cases

This should be the first thing you should consider. You should enlist a lawyer with experience dealing with and winning previous child support cases in the area. This shows they have a good track record and can guarantee a fair result.

Style and Personality

If the personality and style of the lawyer or law firm match with yours, it means you can trust them. You have to have the same vision as your lawyer so that you are working towards the same goal.

Fee Structure

Ask if the lawyer charges per hour, at a flat rate, or on retainer. After you know how much it will cost you, you’ll be able to configure your budget to meet a payment that favors you.

If you want to get the best child support attorney for your case in Greenville, South Carolina, you should consider reaching out to Hernandez & Cabra at 864-501-4384 to get the legal counsel and representation you need. Our Greenville child support lawyers are adept and have extensive experience handling family law cases like this regardless of whether you’re the party making the child support payments or are getting child support.

Enlist Our Seasoned Greenville Child Support Lawyers!

At the law offices of Hernandez & Cabra, our child support attorneys in Greenville, South Carolina are ready to listen to your unique situation and provide a personalized service that ensures your rights and that of the child(ren) are safeguarded. Every child support case is different which is why we will assess your unique situation and help determine the value of child support your child(ren) deserves and need. We always make sure the verdict is fair.

To discuss more your child support case, call us at 864-501-4384 to book a confidential consultation!

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