Greenville Personal Injury Lawsuits: When to File One

A person can encounter any kind of personal injury. To name a few it could be getting injured in a car, motorcycle, or truck accident, by a dog bite attack, injury to a child during birth and delivery, or due to faulty products. If you have sustained injuries due to another person’s fault, you might need to consider filing a Greenville personal injury lawsuit to get compensation for your losses. Hiring a lawyer will help you clear out confusion about where to turn to collect compensation for your damages and injuries while walking you through the process and protecting your rights.

It does not matter what kind of injuries you have suffered from, whether a slip and fall injury or a car accident, it is your right to receive compensation for your injuries and damages when the other party is at fault. Nevertheless, most people are unaware of how to begin requesting compensation and end up getting frustrated trying to file claims while recovering from injuries. Know that several experienced attorneys are available to help you out and deal with all the hassle while you stay at home and recover.

When to File a Greenville Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you have sustained any personal injuries in an accident, you should seek the advice of a lawyer to help you understand what to expect when you file a claim. The attorney will explain your rights and the compensation you may be eligible to receive that would depend based on your injuries and damages.

Getting injured in a car accident, for instance, may get you entitled to collect compensation for the medical expenses, loss of income if you won’t be able to work, and expenses for repairing or replacing your car. However, note that each state has its specific time limits that the survivor will have to abide by in order to file a Greenville personal injury lawsuit. When you hire a lawyer, they will inform you of the time limits in your state.

The limit in which the victim has to file a personal injury lawsuit is known as the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations may be different depending on your type of claim. In Greenville, the following time limits apply:

  • For personal injuries: 3 years
  • For personal property damage: 3 years
  • For libel, slander, or false imprisonment: 2 years
  • For fraud: 3 years

Medical Malpractice:

The petitioner must initiate a lawsuit within 3 years from the date of the detection of harm or injury. The maximum time limit to file the case is 6 years. If any foreign object is left in the body, then the time limit will be 2 years. If the injured one is a child, then the time limit will be 7 years total or 1 year after the child turns 18.

When you entrust a personal injury attorney to collect compensation for your damages and injuries, they will deal with all the negotiations and discussions with the insurance companies on your behalf. They will also ensure that you receive fair treatment.

Know that insurance companies do their best to pay as little as possible on claims, and in this situation, having a personal injury lawyer on your side to protect your rights is a must. Let the lawyer get you the compensation while focusing your time and energy on convalescing from your injuries and getting back to normal.

How to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The process of filing a lawsuit for your injury is fairly simple. Your injury attorney will have to draft a complaint describing the incident and requesting compensation. The defendant will receive the complaint informing them about the upcoming court date by a process server or certified mail. The personal injury attorney will handle filing all the paperwork for you, ensuring that they are correct and sent to the defendant right on time.

It is essential for the survivor suffering from severe injuries or damages to not stress about paying medical bills and providing for their family, or it might become an obstacle in their recovery. Let the injury attorney work to get you all the compensation required to recuperate from current and future injuries. The process can get overwhelming and is more than just filing paperwork. Hence, let your lawyer handle everything about the process and get you deserved justice.

If you have also been a victim of a personal injury due to someone else’s mistake that has cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars, then it is time you file a Greenville personal injury lawsuit and receive the compensation you need to recuperate. At Hernandez & Cabra, Attorneys at Work, we strive hard to ensure you get 100% of what you deserve.

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