Family Lawyer: What Do They Do?

You may have never imagined that you’d need a Greenville family lawyer. Most people don’t. Married couples never expect to get divorced. Even though people say more than half of all marriages end in divorce, most people know this isn’t true. Families who decide they want to adopt a child often don’t think they’ll need a lawyer to do this.

Our firm handles all sorts of family law matters. We don’t only handle divorce cases. While they do make up a large part of our practice, there are other ancillary cases we handle for our clients.

Here, we’ll talk briefly about the different things family lawyers in Greenville, SC do. We’ll also explain why you may need our help sooner than you think.

Of Course, Greenville Family Lawyers Handle Divorce Cases

It should come as no surprise that Greenville family lawyers handle a lot of divorce cases. Close to half of our cases have something to do with a divorce. For example, some of our clients come to us for a divorce and then need our services down the road for other matters.

Sometimes these other matters are related to their divorce. For example, they may need to file a motion to change child support. Or they may want to challenge their custody arrangement so they can have more time with their children.

All these things can be handled by your family lawyer in Greenville. It doesn’t make sense to use different attorneys for each motion you need to file. Once our attorneys get familiar with your file, it is a lot easier for us to do additional work later.

Of course, if you used a different attorney to handle your divorce, you can still call on us for help with other matters. Perhaps you weren’t happy with the representation they offered. Or they may charge too much, and you are looking for a lawyer who will charge you a fair amount.

There’s nothing wrong with that. All you need to do is call our office so we can set up a date for you to come into the office. Once we know what kind of work you need done, we’ll have a better idea of what the costs will be. We’ll also be able to give you an idea of how long it’ll take to resolve your case.

Family Lawyers in Greenville Can Help You With an Adoption

Family lawyers in Greenville do more than just handle divorce cases. We also help families with happy matters. For example, our associates have decades of combined experience helping couples adopt. If you’re interested in adopting a child from the U.S. or another country, we can help.

One thing we can do is hook you up with an adoption agency. Or, if you’re looking to complete a private adoption, we can draft the contract between you and the birth parents. This helps ensure that your rights are protected, and you aren’t blindsided months later when the adoption falls apart. We work hard to protect our clients and help them make their dreams come true. If problems do arise, we’ll help you resolve them.

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Family Lawyers Can Also Help With Stepparent Adoptions

If you have children with one partner and then get remarried later, your new spouse may want to adopt your children. This is called a stepparent adoption. These adoptions are treated the same way as regular adoption. However, they are a lot easier because you usually have the consent of the other parent before petitioning the court.

In many of these cases, our clients have moved on from their past relationships. They may have a good relationship with their ex-spouse. Or the parent of their children is someone they were never married to. You may have been in a relationship with a man or woman and had a child together. Either way, if your new spouse wants to adopt your children, we can help make that happen.

When you petition the court for stepparent adoption, you need to complete several steps. First, you need to show that the other parent has agreed to the adoption. If you can’t do that, you’ll need to ask the court to terminate the other parent’s rights. This is very hard to do. The court never wants to strip a parent of their rights. Your family lawyer in Greenville will have to submit very strong evidence to convince a judge to do this.

If you’re able to terminate parental rights, you’ll still need to file your petition for divorce. Then you have to do a background check and agree to a home study. The home study is where the courts send a social worker out to investigate your home situation. They’ll also want to take a look at your financial position. If you can’t afford to have a child, the court isn’t going to grant an adoption.

Keep in mind, when it comes to a stepparent adoption, the home study is a lot easier. The court knows you’re already serving as a parent to the child. They know the child is comfortable with you and aware of your place in their mother or father’s life. Our job is to convince the court that it’s in the best interests of the children that the adoption be approved.

Contact a Greenville Family Lawyer to Help With Any of Your Family Needs

If you need help with any sort of family matter, call and speak with one of our family lawyers in Greenville, South Carolina. Our team of seasoned attorneys can help you with a variety of legal matters. While we certainly handle divorces, however, we also help our clients with all sorts of issues. If you are looking to file a motion or are interested in adopting a child, we can help.

We suggest you contact our office so we can discuss what you’re looking to do. Set up a date and time to come into the office and meet with one of our experienced Greenville family lawyers.

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