Car Accident Case: Do I Need a Lawyer For It?

A car accident case can change a person’s life. We’ve all seen our share of car accidents. Perhaps you’re on your way to work and see a couple of cars on the side of the road. You can tell the cars are damaged and you see an ambulance on site. You thank your lucky stars that it wasn’t you on the side of that road. Then you go about your business. South Carolina personal injury attorneys realize what it’s like for the people involved in the crash. Usually, these accidents involve injuries. Sometimes, these injuries are serious.

Most people just assume that the insurance company will do the right thing if they’re ever involved in a car accident case. What they don’t realize is that there’s never any guarantee that this will happen. Insurance companies would go out of business if they paid out every claim that came across their desks. If this happens to you, you should call the best auto accident lawyer in Greenville. You’ll be facing an uphill battle and you don’t want to face that battle alone.

There’s No Law that Says You Have to Hire a South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney

If you watch enough commercials for car accident lawyers, you may be under the impression that you’re legally required to hire a personal injury lawyer after your crash. This isn’t true. While it is a good idea to at least meet with a South Carolina personal injury attorney, you don’t have to hire them. If you think you’re capable of handling your own case, then that’s what you should do. However, if you feel like you’re in over your head, then err on the side of caution and retain the best auto accident lawyer in Greenville.

One of the reasons we suggest all accident victims hire a lawyer is because it can be difficult to navigate the civil courts in South Carolina. If you file the wrong paperwork or form, your case will be dismissed. If you don’t pay the right filing fee, your case will be dismissed. In the meantime, the defendant has probably hired their own attorney, looking to sue you for damages.

Do You Need the Best Auto Accident Lawyer in Greenville to Deal With the Car Accident Case?

If you’re lucky, the insurance company will pay for your car accident case. If your claim is relatively small, they probably will. However, if the insurance adjuster thinks they can get away without paying, they’ll deny your claim.

There are plenty of reasons why your car accident case could be denied. Some of these reasons include:

  • The insurance policy was lapsed or canceled for non-payment
  • The policy is valid for some other reason
  • You failed to file the claim within the required time frame
  • The insurance adjuster believes you were at fault
  • They think you are exaggerating your injuries

If the policy is invalid, there’s nothing anyone can do to help. No insurance company is going to pay out on an invalid policy. However, for other reasons, you can file an appeal. If you want to increase the chances of the appeal being approved, you should have an attorney help you file it.

Once the insurance adjuster finds out you’ve hired one of the best auto accident lawyers in Greenville, they’ll change their tune. They may be willing to discuss a settlement of your claim. At a minimum, they’ll at least make sure to return your lawyer’s calls and emails. That’s more than they’ll do if you’re representing yourself in your car accident case.

Greenville auto accident attorneys

If You Need to Sue, Your South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If you’re unsuccessful in getting your claim paid, you’ll have no choice but to file suit. If you hire a South Carolina personal injury attorney to help do this, your chances of winning improve. For one thing, your lawyer will make sure your lawsuit is filed properly. In addition, your attorney will know how to prepare your case.

Once you retain your attorney, they’ll get started on gathering evidence to prove your case. This will include some or all of the following:

  • A copy of the police report
  • A copy of your medical records
  • Any and all correspondence from the other driver, their insurance company, or their attorney
  • Pictures of the damage to your vehicle
  • Pictures of any physical injuries you suffered
  • A copy of all bills you received as a result of your car crash

All of these things will go a long way toward helping your attorney win your case. And, if your case is like 95% of all other car accident lawsuits, it’ll settle long before your case goes to court.

Your Attorney Will Negotiate a Settlement on Your Behalf

As stated above, most personal injury lawsuits settle out of court. Very few cases go to trial. This is because trials are expensive and time-consuming. Nobody – including the insurance company – wants to waste thousands of dollars preparing for trial.

Another reason most people settle is that, if you go to court, you may lose. If that happens, you walk away with nothing. At least if you settle, you’ll get a lump sum. It won’t be for the full amount of your claim. However, your attorney is not going to push you to accept less than you deserve. They certainly won’t encourage you to accept a settlement that doesn’t cover your out-of-pocket expenses.

Call and Schedule Your Free, Initial Consultation Today

If you or your loved one have been involved in a car accident, you should call our South Carolina personal injury attorneys right away. If you want to maximize your chances of collecting damages, you should retain the best auto accident lawyer in Greenville. All you have to do is call and schedule your free, initial consultation. Just let our staff know what date and time work best for you.

The great thing about the initial consultation is that you get a chance to talk to someone who knows the law. They’ll review your case and give you an idea of how strong your case is. They may even be able to tell you what your case is worth. They’ll answer your questions and explain how the legal process works. If, after this meeting, you choose to retain their services, you don’t have to worry about paying anything upfront.

Your attorney will handle your case without any upfront payment. In fact, you won’t pay your lawyer until your case is resolved.

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