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When you or your loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident in Anderson, South Carolina as a result of the other driver’s negligence, South Carolina law allows you to claim compensation from the at-fault party for your injuries. Motorcycle crashes are quite different from other types of vehicle crashes. Due to the complexity of a motorcycle accident claim, you need an Anderson motorcycle accident lawyer with real experience to handle your case. The lawyer representing your case should know how to address the differences and obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

The car accident lawyers at Hernandez & Cabra have extensive experience handling motorcycle accident claims. We have represented hundreds of personal injury clients in Anderson, South Carolina, and won millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of them. Our team of qualified motorcycle accident lawyers has the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to argue your case with insurance companies and take the case to trial if the insurance provider isn’t willing to offer adequate compensation for your injuries.

We are one of the best trial law firms operating in Anderson, SC. Your case is secure with us since we have the best interest of the client in mind at all times. Call Hernandez & Cabra today at 864-501-4384 to claim maximum compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries in Anderson, South Carolina!

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How Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help With My Compensation Claim?

Once you have reported the accident to the police, received medical treatment for your injuries, and notified the insurance company, you can relax a bit since your part in the process is almost over. Now you should let an experienced Anderson motorcycle accident lawyer from Hernandez & Cabra handle the specifics of your claim.

Deal With Insurance Companies

While the insurance company of the at-fault party will try to reduce your payout, the experienced lawyers from Hernandez & Cabra know how to deal with insurance companies and obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. Our experienced trial lawyers are prepared to take your case to courts in case the insurance company tries to minimize your payout citing various reasons. That is why you need to rely on the experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Hernandez & Cabra to handle your claim and obtain adequate compensation for your injuries.

Present Your Case

Many people in South Carolina think that motorcycle riders are rebels, and their impression of riders is of lawless renegades. But riding a motorcycle is perfectly legal in South Carolina. In fact, riders are not risk-seeking wild men and women that are shown on television and in films. But it doesn’t mean misconceptions can’t interfere with your case. You need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer on your side to fight this prejudice – which can be a key in seeking adequate compensation for your injuries.

A common excuse of drivers when they collide with a motorcycle rider is that the rider came out of nowhere and was speeding. In fact, other drivers have a hard time judging the speed and distance of a motorcycle due to its size and how it sounds. A good motorcycle accident lawyer should fight to put this excuse to rest.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

The most common scenario in a motorcycle collision is a car turning left in front of an ongoing motorcycle. The resulting near-head-on collision is one of the most dangerous accidents a motorcycle rider could be involved in.

Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in South Carolina:

  • Failure of drivers to see a motorcycle turn at an intersection – Since a motorcycle is small, many drivers fail to see the motorcycle in time to prevent an accident. On the other hand, motorcycle riders are also inclined to make quick turns at intersections.
  • Distracted driving – If the other driver was talking on the phone, texting, eating, or drinking while operating the vehicle, it is more like for him/her to fail to see the motorcycle rider around him/her.
  • Motorists failing to yield to motorcycle riders – This mostly happens at highway exits, entrances, ramps, and parking lots. The other driver doesn’t take the time to see the motorcyclist when obstacles like buildings, bushes, or parked cars are present. It may also contribute to the driver of the passenger vehicle failing to yield.
  • Driving while intoxicated – Drunk driving is a major contribution to motorcycle accidents in Anderson.
  • Potholes on the road – Potholes are a common cause of single-vehicle motorcycle accidents in Anderson.
  • Motorists hitting a motorcycle rider in their blind spot – The motorist fails to perform a head check while switching lanes and crashes into a rider who was in their blind spot.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics in South Carolina

The following are some of the motorcycle-related accidents that occur in South Carolina:

  • There were 104 motorcycle riders killed on SC roads in 218. The number increased to 113 in 2019 – which was one of the deadliest years in South Carolina since 2016.
  • Injuries and deaths resulting from motorcycle accidents spike in the summer. For example, 22 riders were killed on South Carolina roadways in July 2019. On the other hand, a total of 76 riders succumbed to their injuries between May and September the same year.
  • There were 2,278 traffic collisions in SC in 2017 involving motorcycles. Out of these accidents, 1,693 resulted in injuries and 116 fatal collisions.

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What Are the Motorcycle-Specific Laws in South Carolina?

The following are some South Carolina motorcycle laws:

  • The rider can ride the motorcycle while sitting upon the permanent, regular seat.
  • The rider should be facing forward with one leg on each side of the motorcycle.
  • The rider cannot carry a package or bag that prevents him/her from keeping both hands on the handle.
  • The motorcycle should be designed to carry a passenger if the rider needs to carry a passenger.
  • The rider cannot carry a passenger in a position that interferes with his/her control or view.
  • If the rider rides with other bikers, there should be only 2 bikes wide in a lane.

What Are the Most Common Injuries Seen in Motorcycle Accidents?

Common motorcycle injuries are:

How is Fault Determined in an Anderson, SC, Motorcycle Accident?

South Carolina adopts a comparative negligence standard. That means even if a driver is partially at-fault in an accident, they can still claim some type of compensation. When our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers will prove that the other driver was responsible for your injuries and obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries. We will establish four factors to prove negligence:

  • The other driver had a duty to operate his/her vehicle lawfully and with care.
  • The other driver operates his/her vehicle unlawfully and carelessly.
  • The negligence of the other driver caused injuries and property damages to you.
  • The damages you experience are a direct result of the other driver’s negligence.

What Type of Compensation Can I Receive for My Motorcycle Accident?

The plaintiff is entitled to three types of damages when you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Anderson:

  • Economic – Economic damages are quantifiable and include medical bills, lost wages, diminished earning capacity due to accident-related disability
  • Non-Economic – Non-economic damages are not easily quantifiable and may include emotional and physical pain, suffering, and discomfort
  • Punitive – Punitive damages are meant to punish the at-fault party for his/her reckless behavior

Why Was My Motorcycle Accident Claim Denied?

There are several instances where a motorcycle accident claim could be denied. Some of them include:

  • The policy was canceled or lapsed.
  • The driver was not insured under the policy.
  • The insurance company believes the accident was your fault.
  • The insurance company doesn’t believe you were really hurt.
  • The insurance company doesn’t think the accident is what caused your injuries.

Are There Time Limits to Filing a Claim in South Carolina?

Yes. You have three years from the date of the accident to file your claim in South Carolina.

Call an Anderson Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Now

Accidents involving motorcycles are almost always serious. More than 2/3rds of motorcycle accidents in South Carolina involve other vehicles like a car. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA states that US motorcycle riders are 4 times more likely to be injured in an accident compared to passenger car occupants. The rider is 16 times more likely to be killed in the crash, and over 80% of motorcycle crashes result in injury or death.

When you or your loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident in Anderson, SC, you need the best motorcycle accident lawyer to handle your claim. With hundreds of motorcycle accident law firms operating in South Carolina, selecting the best candidate to handle your claim isn’t easy. Hernandez & Cabra is your best bet to handle your motorcycle accident case and obtain the maximum benefits for your injuries.

The lawyers at Hernandez & Cabra have extensive experience handling personal injury cases including motorcycle accident claims. Call Hernandez & Cabra today at 864-501-4384 to claim maximum compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries in Anderson, South Carolina!